Work-Life Balance

Choosing a UX career path that offers Balance

Today, there are so many obligations to juggle and so little time to fit everything into our busy calendars. But there should always be balance where ever possible for a healthy and happy journey. The challenge is figuring out how to design a life that supports both our professional aspirations, as well as our personal goals. Unfortunately, I for one have lived a life that’s been balance challenged… but I am certainly up for changing that!

I’ve always craved for more out of life and wanted to have more time to enjoy the little things. Sometimes disconnecting and doing nothing is paradise itself. On the other hand, I have a deep need to fulfill a personal mission to contribute and bring something wonderful into existence through my creative work. There is euphoria in creating great work with passion and purpose.

That’s where UX/UI came into the spotlight for me. I had stumbled upon UX Design as I was searching for new technologies and skillsets that I could study to become a better designer. The purpose of UX work excited me like crazy. As a designer, I love the challenge of solving problems and telling an amazing story through visual elements. All this sounded wonderful but than there was more…

In my eager consumption of research to investigate the challenges and opportunities facing UX designers, I discovered this golden piece of information. UX Designers ranked among the highest in work-life balance satisfaction according to multiple resources. I have worked 50+ hour weeks in the past and although I don’t mind an occasional all-nighter, I don’t want to live at work. Commuting in traffic during rush hour for an hour or more is also not ideal.

So this beautiful possibility of a work-life balance as a UX designer is thrilling. I have interviewed a couple of UX designers that support this notion as well. Testing this myself will be a welcomed opportunity. If I could resolve the 50+ hours work week and the mind-numbing rush hour traffic, I would very much love this UX career path with its challenges and rewards.

Remote work opportunities are on the upswing for UX Designers too. Another added advantage of this career path. Admittedly, I’d be shocked if these work-life balance realities are taking place at all UX departments across the board, but for now, I will focus on industry-wide averages. Life as a UX Designer appears to be a strong choice for those of us that value work-life balance. This can be a career path that is filled with creative challenges, room for endless professional growth, opportunities to make a difference, and a work-life balance that can be appreciated.